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The Indian Hill Amateur Radio Club ( IHARC ) Repeater Systems are located in Lisle/Naperville, Illinois.  Echolink is available to those who wish to use it.  Please visit the Echolink site and download the proper software and review operating procedures.

IHARC dates back to the late 1960s as a Bell Telephone Laboratories, Inc. club for employees located at the Indian Hill location.  In 1984 the company name was changed to AT&T Bell Laboratories (a.k.a. Bell Labs) at the time of the divestiture when the baby Bells were split off.  In the 1990s Bell Labs was spun off from AT&T as Lucent Technologies.  In December of 2006 Alcatel and Lucent merged into Alcatel-Lucent, now commonly referred to as ALU.

Hopefully, some of those past members will find their way to this Web site and send us a few memories about the club.  If you were a past member or in contact with original members, PLEASE tell them to contact us.  Send an Email to n9abf@arrl.net

WA9WSL IHARC Repeaters

IHARC operates 3 Repeater Systems at the Lisle and Naperville sites operated under the WA9WSL Club Call sign.

145.170-   PL 103.5  FM
442.225+  PL 114.8 Yaesu System Fusion in AMS mode.  FM  C4FM and WIRES-X
224.360-  PL 110.9  Echolink


2018 Severe Weather Season has started!

The National Weather Service Chicago Weather Forecast Office in Romeoville IL is ready for the 2018 Severe Weather Season.  The Ham Team has been hard at work since last Fall installing Amateur Radio upgrades and implementing new procedures for the 2018. Check out the latest news here!

Our system supports severe weather operations and backup support if needed.  Please contact n9abf@arrl.net for information.

Yaesu System Fusion is here!

On February 5, 2016 we installed our new Yaesu System Fusion DR-1X Repeater on 442.225!

FM Users

Normal FM users will be able to co-exist with C4FM digital radio users. The Yaesu System Fusion DR-1X repeater will automatically select the proper mode of operation and pass normal analog FM or the new C4FM digital signals automatically.

All FM users need to do is set your radio into full CTCSS encode/decode to filter digital conversations.  The repeater continuously transmits a 114.8 CTCSS “PL” tone during standard FM operation so your radio can filter out the digitally modulated signal. Without the 114.8 CTCSS tone encoded squelch enabled on your radio, you will only hear the unintelligible digitally modulated signal.  Before you attempt to use the repeater in FM mode, please watch your busy light and use your monitor button before transmitting so you do not interrupt digital users on frequency.

 C4FM Digital Users

Digital users are required to operate their radios in AMS (auto mode select) mode.  That way an analog user can ‘break’ in-between digital transmissions.  Example:  The analog FM user keys up the DR-1X repeater and this will force the repeater and other users listening in the AMS mode back over to regular analog FM.

There is no “courtesy beep” on FM mode and Echolink has been temporarily disabled while we work on integrating an external controller for future linking.  The Voice ID is every 10 minutes and will override any conversations or when the system is first brought up.  It is suggested that you first key up (kerchunk) and let the system ID, then IDENTIFY with your call,  example: “W9XYZ Listening”.  Please note: If you are unfamiliar with the repeater systems and do not announce your call, “kerchunking” without ID’ing system users will not respond.  So, please identify and use the system properly!

On Digital Mode enable the “Beep” after transmission in your radio settings.  Allow enough of a pause between transmission to allow other stations to join in conversations.  Please set your radio to AMS mode so you can hear FM users.  FM users please set your radio to PL (CTCSS) 114.8 receive and check the frequency with your Monitor button to see if the frequency is in use. (for those not using Yaesu C4FM radios)

Check here often for updates on repeater operations and news.

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